When my husband joined the military 28 years ago, we were welcomed into what is commonly referred to as “our navy family.” When we bought a Higginbotham home 11 years ago, we were welcomed into yet another family … a family who has:

1) Been with us through not just happy times but stressful times as well. When Christopher was deployed to Afghanistan, our Higginbotham family checked in on us every few months just to remind us that they were there if we needed anything.

2) When Christopher returned home safely and received orders to Pensacola, we rented our home to the first of several tenants. Years later we decided to put our home on the market and asked Roger Higginbotham to help us get it ready to sell. We asked for Roger’s help because we remembered how members of his crew were 2nd or even 3rd generation craftsmen who were understandably loyal to Roger’s father… so many stories were shared of his remarkable ability to look after his employees by saving during good economic times in order to get through more challenging times. We had excellent tenants but the years had taken a toll and Roger’s crew quickly had the house meeting high “Higginbotham standards.”

3) Economically challenging times led us to once again turn our home into a rental. Unfortunately we had tenants who took the house from pristine to needing a lot of TLC … we turned to Roger and he did what he always does … got the job done!

We continue to be awed by his abilities and fairness. If asked what his company could do better… we could answer with two words – absolutely nothing! Anyone lucky enough to purchase a Higginbotham home will be envied by us because we are retiring in Washington State… however, we heard of Higginbotham homes while stationed in Rota, Spain and are
confident that someone will tell people that they learned about their own Higginbotham home from fans in Washington state!

Wishing all future home owners all the best!